Word Sweety : Crossword Puzzle Game

Word Sweety : Crossword Puzzle Game is both challenging and relaxing to simultaneously stimulate and relax your mind, brainstrom, you can solve all of the thousands of anagram word puzzles, Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games? Are you a real puzzle game master? DOWNLOAD Word Sweety for FREE! Start your word story and enjoy the brainstorm NOW! This new take on word search games combines all the best elements of crossword, word search, anagram, scramble, text twist and word puzzle games. Over 1000 free puzzles set against beautiful and serene settings. Escape the stress of the real world as you exercise your brain with an endless supply of fun words puzzles.

Word Sweety : Crossword Puzzle Game is an incredible crossword game with all the essences of word scramble games! In this game you can become a real master of word puzzles! For all word game lovers, Word Sweety : Crossword Puzzle Game is truly what you deserve. Word Sweety : Crossword brainstrom Puzzle Game is quite easy to play, since the main goal is connecting the given letters to complete different words and fill them into the board. You could train your brain and expand your vocabulary with the joy of playing our game!

The game start off easily but become hard fast! Every level was subtly designed with a good balance of fun and difficulty, so all the players can adjust their paces at any level.

What makes Word Sweety so special?

* DOWNLOAD to TRAIN your brain!Play it offline any time!
* 2000+ Levels For both Starters and Masters
* The MOST Addictive Word Games EVER!
* Amazing Spare Time Killer
* Escape from bored and stress, fall into funny words world
* Play ONLINE or OFFLINE any time, no matter where you are! The game will save the dictionary, your prodo progress and high genius score daily to your phone!

How to play Word Sweety:

– Swipe the letters into words to fill up the blanks horizontally or vertically on the board.
– Find all the words and fill in every block with a word to win a game.
– You can tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order of the letters.
– You can tap the “Hints” button to get clues.
– Get more hints by coins via purchasing or watching videos.
– Collect extra words to earn bonus.

If you enjoy word games, puzzle games, crossword puzzles, word search, brainstrom, anagrams, scrambles, jumbles, text twist, and brain training exercises, you’ll love Word Swipe Connect: Crossword Puzzle Fun. Join Now to the Word Sweety : Crossword Puzzle Game and experience the tremendous brain challenging fun. Just swipe and connect to win a game! With this game there won’t be a dull moment!


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